What to bring

What to or not bring


The weather in Ensenada where the school is located is in a narrow valley where temperatures  vary greatly during the day. Bring clothing in which you can layer.


Please be aware that computer games, secular music, DVDs not edifying to the church body, as they distract you and other students who come to this campus to be set apart for the study of his Word. Therefore, such items are NOT permitted on campus.


In addition, please leave your stereos, televisions, DVD players, computer games, pets, etc. at home.


 MP3 player with ear phones for listening to Survey Tracks. Tracks are also playable in a personal computer.


Things you may want:


Sports equipment

Mountain bicycles



We are not located near shopping centers so bring extra.

The college office can receive incoming urgent phone messages. Cell phone service is spotty at best.



Storage containers

Plastic/cardboard drawers

Small musical instruments