Individual Planning Guide We know God will richly bless you as you lay down some of your time to serve in Mexico. We hope the information provided will help you to make the most of your trip.

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  • Overnight Guests

    Information about your stay with us:

    1. You are our guest and we will do what we can to make your stay here pleasant.

    2. This is a Bible College and Christian Conduct is expected.

    3. The Culture here is one that encourages Christian growth so we try to limit worldly distractions – no secular music, R rated movies, or other things that don’t honor God.

    4. Our water resources here are limited – we pump our own water, purify the drinking water, and are on a septic system. Military showers are requested

    a. turn water on get wet

    b. turn water off and get soapy

    c. turn water on rinse off

    d. water off shower done

    5. When using the restrooms please do not flush any paper use the trash cans next to the toilets.

    6. Following is the schedule of our evening hours


    Sunday – Friday       Saturday

    Quiet time -  9:30         10:30

    Curfew -     10:00         11:00

    Lights Out -11:00          12:00


    7. Meal Serving Times


    Breakfast                            Lunch                             Dinner

    Monday – Friday

    7:00-7:30                            1:00-1:30          6:00 – 6:30

    Saturday and Sunday

    8:00-9:00                            1:00-1:30

                                               Sat. 6:00 - Sun. 5:00


    8. Only men are allowed in the men’s dorm and only ladies in the ladies’ dorm.

    9. Please turn out the lights when leaving an empty room.

    10. Please close all gates to keep the local farm animals out.

    11. Please use gravel Paths while walking around on the central campus.

  • Packing List

    This list is to help you remember items you may want to bring. Items with (*) are considered optional.



    Sleeping bag


    Foam pad

    Air Mattress*



    Church clothes

    Work clothes

    Casual hang-out clothes*

    Work shoes or boots that can get dirty (must cover the toe)


    Shorts or pants


    Jacket or sweatshirt (nights can be cold here)


    Socks (at least a pair a day)

    Swimming suit (modest)*

    Hat or cap for the sun

    Work gloves (write your name on them)



    Passport, Photo ID plus birth certificate (under 18 only), or Permanent Resident Card

    (see                                     for current laws for reentry from Mexico)

    Commitment & Permission Form (filled out, signed, and notarized if under 18)


    Bathroom Supplies:

    Towels/wash cloth

    Basic toiletries: soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc.

    Lip balm*

    Sun block

    Prescription medications you need





    Spending money

    Camera & batteries*

    Water bottle with your name on it

    Do NOT bring expensive items if you can avoid it.

  • Conduct

    Our desire is to win people to Christ and serve the Lord. As we do so, there are certain standards that should be upheld in order to be the most effective witnesses of God’s love and grace. The first thing to remember when conducting yourself on any missions trip is whom you are representing and working for: Jesus. Knowing this, let’s keep all we think, say and do pleasing to Him.


    In addition, please be aware that you will be serving in a different culture. What may be normal to you in America may seem offensive, rude, or sinful in Mexico. You need to be sensitive to those you are serving. We’ve made a list of things that you should keep in mind as you serve in Mexico.


    We are not even going to mention all of the illegal, immoral things you should not do. This is a missions trip and we expect to not have to even talk about certain things.


    1. Don’t be loud, rowdy, or obnoxious. Locals may assume you are another group of drunk Americans. At the very least, they will think you are rude.

    2. Show respect to:

    a. Your team’s leader

    b. The facilities where you are staying and working, including resources such as water and electricity

    c. The schedule your leader has set

    d. The staff members of the ministries in Mexico.

    e. The Mexican people. Even when spoken in English, demeaning comments about Mexico (including poverty, politics, etc.) are completely inappropriate.

    3. Wear something nice to church. We’re still a Calvary Chapel, so we’re not talking about wearing a tie, but please wear clean, nice-casual clothes (collared shirt, jeans or khakis). Shorts are OK if necessary, especially if you wear a nice shirt.

    4. Dress modestly. In other words, if it wasn’t designed for public view, keep it well covered.

    a. No tank tops

    b. No exposed underwear or baggy pants

    c. No spandex, short shorts, or short skirts (to knee or below, with slip if skirt is light material)

    d. No low-cut or high-cut shirts

    e. Guys keep shirts on (except at the beach or pool)

    5. Avoid sending the wrong message.

    a. Avoid gang attire and images

    b. Avoid alcohol, drug, and tobacco logos

    c. Avoid suggestive content on clothing

    d. Guys should not wear earrings

    e. No piercings of any kind (except girls’ earrings) allowed at orphanages

    f. No displays of romantic affection, flirting, or alone time between unmarried people

    g. No knives or weapons (small pocket knives are OK)